A Summary of My Novel

Every writer wants a published novel, it’s like a given. I’m sure most love gushing about their idea and their characters and how revolutionary it is. I don’t really talk about mine save with a few people – I like showing completed projects rather than bits and pieces. 

I also keep it to myself because it doesn’t really have an “inside cover flap” summary. I find it’s a bit too complicated for that. Or, more likely, I’m making it too complicated. Here’s my attempt to cut out the BS.

Let Me Rest Beyond the Horizon

In the northern village of Lymaview, the dead are sent out to sea in special funeral boats. In a weeks time they return empty. Residents believe their loved ones have crossed over into “The Beyond.”

Sylvia Bridgeport has been waiting months for the return of her family’s boat, desperate to know if her late sister Janet has found rest. She mourns by watching the seas every morning, hoping to see her boat.

Another family’s boat returns one morning. To the village’s shock and horror, someone has returned alive: Donovan Smith, a stoic naval officer. People believe he’s a bad omen due to fastheld beliefs of the village; others think he is the end of the world.

Donovan has, unknowingly, landed in enemy territory. He must keep his nationality secret, else be arrested, killed, or worst of all, start another war. He’s been tasked to keep still and not make waves as he awaits pickup, but his need to know the truth drives him to act. 

Donovan and Sylvia both want to know more about The Beyond and try to use each other to get it. Sylvia seeks closure over her sister’s death; Donovan wants to know the whereabouts of his lost crew. The two play a back and forth game of secrets in hopes the other will slip up.

Stuck together by this unfortunate fate, they will navigate difficult waters of scheming delusionists and rambling seniors, all in attempts to find the truth of The Beyond. 


This summary leaves out a lot. I only mentioned the two main characters, but there’s about five other important players. It’s not worth it to mention the world history in the summary because it’s too much. Can’t go into backstory or lore or beliefs. It’s hard to describe Sylvia’s sorrow over her sister in a few sentences. 

I mean, I could elaborate on and on. This is a solid, basic summary that will likely change. In this I say “months” but I’ll likely change that waiting time for Sylvia to weeks. I can’t say I’m in love with that last paragraph, but that’s my version of the summary cliff hanger. It’s a bit of an exaggeration though. 

I’ll be posting character profiles now and then. I find writing about one character and their background helps me get into their zone and write chapters faster/better. (If I could draw, it’d come in handy here. One can dream…)

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow Attic Typewriter for further posts :3 


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