Begrudgingly Blogging | My life kinda revolves around the gym

I started The Attic Typewriter as a means to publish my creative work. I try to keep my update schedule between 4 and 6 days. Some things, however, have come up in my life, so I’ve decided to make an actual “blog post” in the mean time.


I’m a university graduate, but still unemployed. I traveled for a couple months, so thankfully I can say that when employers ask why I still haven’t found a job six months after graduating.

My days are pretty consistent. I wake up around 9:30am and eat breakfast for about 45min (including prep). I check twitter, Reddit, and YouTube for about another 1hr and try to apply to jobs in this time. I’ll also try some creative writing, but it’s mostly job hunting.

Around 12:30pm, is start to get ready for the gym, and typically make it by 1:30. I hang around there for about 60min, and if I have any chores in town I’ll go do them immediately after. Then I get home and have lunch, which is about 45min to an hour. Once it hits 3 or 4pm, I go downstairs to my basement to start a fire in the fireplace. It’s pretty cold in the house, even for March, so I need to stay near it to keep it up. During this time I’ll typically work directly on creative writing while watching TV. This continues for the rest of the night until dinner.

Being unemployed helps with free time, since I can upload, but I’m surprisingly busy. At least, I believe so. Going back to the gym after a six month break – amazing how much weight you can gain in such short time – really affects my day. I go five times a week, so my life is really shaped around it.


Funny enough, I recently got contracted into writing articles for a start-up blog. I’m expected to submit 6 ideas each month and subsequently write one article. It’ll look great on my resume for sure! So I’ll have to put a lot of energy into these posts to prove myself.

It’s not, however, even close to a full-time job. It’s not even a part-time job. So I’ll continue to job hunt until I’m hired for a full-time something. I hope that’s soon, because I could really use the cash. I don’t, however, believe that it’ll greatly affect my uploading on Attic Typewriter. I daydream too much to stop creative writing.

What’s Coming Up?

I’ve got a lot of ideas that I really should jot down so I don’t forget them. Here are my plans for upcoming Attic Typewriter posts.

  1. Finish Fire Keeper
  2. Essays about Keijo!!!!!!!! and Kim Possible that relate to women’s issues.
  3. A possible book review about “The Serpent’s Papers” by Jessica Cornwell
  4. A series of anime reviews relating to Ghost in the Shell, leading up to the live-action movie
  5. A short-story about skin blemishes and stress
  6. A long-form autobiography series about my trip to Japan
  7. Fiction series about unkillable MCs

Creative stories come to my spontaneously. Number 5 on the list was an idea I got while showering. Number 7 is a theme that I just love exploring. The Great Weeping Saint was just one route I went, but I feel like there’s a great amount of potential in the idea.

The Keijo!!!!!!!! essay is likely very soon, since I’ve up-to-date with the manga, it’s just a matter of researching some women studies papers. I’m marathoning Kim Possible right now, so I’m not sure when that essay will happen.

I really, really want to finish Fire Keeper, but I’m having a bit of trouble finishing it. I have an idea for an ending, but it’s just a means of getting to it. I’m going to try and end it within two weeks from the time of this post.


Unfortunately, I recently got the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. I’m managing my time well, but I know it’ll be cutting into my writing time. Still, I’ll be focusing on uploading as much as possible.

I feel like this wasn’t a good blog. I dunno, I don’t really have an interesting life as of late. Which is kinda why I’m very excited for my autobiography series about my trip to Japan, since it’s a very exciting time.

Thanks everyone for reading!! Please check in regularly, like, and comment! Check @attictypewriter for updates about my posting and my rants about TV/anime.


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