Intimacy.exe | Rewrite

This is a rewrite of the same story found here

Please note there are NSFW moments.

Faye met Cen a few weeks ago. His name was short for Centurion International Cybertronics Model 5RS-9M-MarkIV, Serial# B27H733MQ. That mouthful was printed on all his official documents, so he went by the nickname ‘Cen.’

She approached him with romantic intent at a networking event within their industry. He was a remarkable catch for an accountant, so she wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity. Even though, at the time, she was sweating profusely due to nerves.

They hit it off – shockingly. At the time, she was very impressed at his attitude. She was expecting him to have an ego that matched his looks. But then again, she never knew an accountant extremely confident in their looks, so it made sense to her. She asked him to a coffee date and he agreed, but not before disclosing he was an android.

Cen was a new model, about one year old. He was what they called an ‘automaton;’ his original buyer relinquished ownership and now he lived independently. That’s all he disclosed at first – he wanted to be honest and upfront. She liked that. Faye said she still wanted to date him. He agreed and they met the next day. She ordered a latte; he drank a special android-only water.

She didn’t want to risk the chance of a one-and-done encounter, so she asked him out again a day after that initial coffee. It was a tense 12 hours later, but he agreed to she her again. Since then, they’ve been on a regular schedule of meeting up three times a week.

Cen moved via hydraulics which were powered by a small hydro-based engine in his abdomen. He had vein-like tubes throughout his body which carried saline water for his joints and lubricated moving parts. By design, water was heated by the engine, thus making his body naturally warm. Excess gas produced by the process was expelled via a mock respiratory system, so his simulated breathing actions weren’t for show. He produced fluids – spit, sweat, tears – from the same saline. Thus the special android-only water. It was the one of the few product he could consume; his throat lead straight to a holding tank. One serving per three days was enough for normal activity.

A vast majority of his operating system and processing power were stored in his head. Technically his ‘brain,’ but he never outright used the word. He had some extra RAM processors and a backup memory disk in his chest. Somewhere on his body was a wire that could extend out and connect to computer – he refused to say its location. Once every two days he would connect to a personal cloud to export his memories as backup. Standard process for all models, he said. It also served as a charging period.

Faye knew so much because she was fascinated by him. Before Cen, she only knew robots via the government passport department and her grandpa’s in-house nurse. Meeting him, however, her perspective was really turned around. Maybe she did know a lot of androids, but they didn’t talk about it like Cen did.

Every time they met, she had a new question and he politely answered. He was subtle and quiet. A thinker through and through, though she had no idea what he could possibly be thinking about. He never bared his teeth, but he smiled. He didn’t get angry, but he scrunched his nose at injustices. Apparently he volunteered with the elderly, which was a passionate topic of conversation for him. The only time she saw him laugh was at a joke in a news magazine article about the socio-economic status of mid-westerners. She didn’t get it.

Their most recent meet-up was at her house. It was an excuse to see him if anything – she was cleaning and ‘needed help moving furniture.’ He was nice enough to agree, coming in from working overtime at his office. She felt bad asking him to move a sofa when she was in trendy leisure wear and he was in a suit. She justified it by remembering her true intentions. She wanted a more intimate setting to ask more intimate questions. Specifically, who was his original owner and how did he become autonomous?

“I’m a significant other model.” He said, “My original purpose was to act in absence of my owner, but his wife rejected me.” Faye needed him to explain that further. “Technically, my original owner was the man I’m modeled after. We’re identical in looks. He’s a high-end executive and is frequently away from his wife on business. I was a gift to his wife as a ‘replacement’ so to speak, but she disliked the artificialness of the arrangement. She rejected me as a gift and, because S.O. models cannot be returned, I was made autonomous.”

Significant Other model. That’s all she really heard.

“Cen, I really like you.”

“Thank you, I’m flattered.”

“And, we’ve been seeing each other for a couple weeks now.”

“Yes, it’s been a pleasant experience.”

“I’d like to go to the next step, yknow, get closer.” Faye held her hands up defensively, “Only if you want to.”

Cen looked at her and she felt dumb and embarrassed for being so lame, “You’re talking about intercourse?” She shuddered. If he said ‘sex’ she wouldn’t feel so weird.

She nodded. “Yes, that. I guess, I just…now that I know you have a-a,” she gestured at his crotch, “penis because I guess I wasn’t sure before cos, yknow, not all androids are sig-significant other models, right?” She felt like she was rambling, but couldn’t stop herself, “So, like, I dunno, we’ve got something good here right? I think so. And I like you, and you like me right? So it’s a good time to, yknow, take the next step!”

“Understood.” Her heart boomed in her chest, she almost cheered out, but then he held out his hand, “I’ll just need to make a phone call.”

Cen left her apartment, into the hallway. Faye was dumbfounded. She was pretty sure she just poured her heart out a little and was probably cute doing it, but his first action afterwards is to make a phone call?

She suddenly blushed hard. Oh god, she thought is he adjusting his plans? Are we going to be doing it for so long he has to let someone know he’ll be late?

She held her head in her hands, very flustered and excited. She bounced back quickly, rushing over to her purse and fishing out a mirror to check her face for blemishes.

Cen came back in and smiled at her. “Alright, one more thing before we proceed. I need to drink some fluids, may I have a glass of water?”

Faye complied. As she fetched a cup, he rummaged in his bag and pulled out two small silver packages. She recognized one as his special android-only drink, but didn’t know what the other could be.

Before she could voice her question, he turned to her “This will produce an artificial, semen-like substance to simulate climax. Or, would you prefer I don’t use it?”

Her face went red. The fact that he asked such an intimate, no-nonsense question almost killed the romance of the situation. To save face, she nodded and in a mumble stated her preference for it.

“Your bedroom is that door?”

She nodded again. She didn’t speak, maybe even couldn’t speak. She was nervous. Nervous and antsy and incredibly excited. That fabled Significant Other android sex was influencing her thought. The intensity, the passion, and the duration. If it was going to be everything she had heard, she could imagine why someone would buy an S.O. model.

But now wasn’t the time for introspection. She would focus on the present and what was about to happen.

They went into her room. He started to strip in a normal-paced manner. Faye only noted this because her clothes flew off. She didn’t get that usual nagging she got with past relationships. Her hammy thighs, her ugly toes, the tiny surgery scar from her appendix – they went in and out of her mind in an instant. All there was was Cen, his pretty body, and his graceful undressing that made her all tingly.

They both stood naked, looking at each other. She was breathing heavily and couldn’t calm herself. She had a lot of nervous energy, but it was being controlled by anticipation. When he didn’t say anything, she felt a surge of assertiveness.

“Sit on the bed.” She said, pointing to it.

He followed her orders without complaint and a rush of something good went through her chest. A mix of the arrogance from being the centre of attention and the superiority of being the boss of shit.

She circled the bed, never taking her eyes off him. She felt like an animal stalking its prey. She came at him from the front, slowly placing her hands on the bed until she was crawling up to him.

She stopped at his abdomen, fixated on his penis. There was no good way to describe it, since all dicks were somewhat unsightly, but his was abnormal. The colour, that was it. It wasn’t as pink as her last boyfriend, or any of her boyfriends.

Oooo, I think I understand wanting to eat someone.

Faye tentatively reached out with her index finger and stroked it. Cen gave a quiet but distinct inhale of breath and made her nerves fire off rapidly. Her eyes darted up to meet his and she saw the faintest pink tint of his cheeks.

Aaah! His voice is so cute!! More, just like that~!

On instinct, she wrapped her whole hand around his dick. The high of dominance and power went through her – the warmth he was producing was making her crazy. She stroked a few times, finding pleasure in the reactions he gave. She couldn’t help herself and went in further, using her cheek, then lips. Until finally she couldn’t hold back any more and started sucking him off.

He tried stifling his moans and she loved it. She loved his reactions. She was getting drunk off them.

“F-faye, I’m–!”

He came in her mouth. It surprised her, but it made her feel good.

Cen sat up, as if to comfort her, but she stopped him. She straddled him and push him down by his chest. She didn’t say anything and neither did he. The silence of the room felt appropriate. She didn’t want any distractions – just him. Absolute power over him.

She was grinning. She felt devilish. She liked the look he was making. A look of embarrassed innocence. She wanted a picture of it, it would be enough to get her off.

She took a few moments to recover her energy by making out with him. Looming over him, her mind returned to that animal feeling. A predator enjoying its meal. The inside of his mouth was warm. She sucked on his tongue; it was slick with a slight salty taste. It was so easy to forget he wasn’t human. He held her hips softly but she had most of her weight on his chest and was digging her nails into him. It felt natural. She wanted to mark him.

Ready, Faye wasted no time and pulled back from the kiss, properly positioning herself. She grabbed his dick and, feeling incredibly smug, inserted him into her. She bit her lip to stop herself from making any noises. She wanted to be quiet. She wanted to hear his moans. Smell his musk, taste his sweat. Feel all of him.

Cen moaned, louder than before. She felt him quivering. He brought his hands up to her hips, but she gently pushed them away, instead taking one to her left breast. Her other hand she pressed down firmly on his chest.  Pinning him down, watching the minute changes in his expression – it was euphoric.

She thrusted her hips up and down as slowly as she could, but her excitement kept the pace quick. She stared intently into his eyes, memorizing his flushed cheeks, his wet lips, his cute breathing. He would sometimes meet her gaze and moan her name which made her tighten around his dick and they would both buck in pleasure.

That face, that face! She couldn’t stop obsessing over it. How could such a mature looking guy possess such boyish charm? Somehow those softened cheek bones, fluttering eyelids, and parted lips made a perfect O-face. She loved it. She loved it so much.


Faye couldn’t hold back her voice anymore and shouted out in time with her orgasm. She whimpered and squeezed Cen. She flexed her pelvic muscles to ride out the climax waves.

Her actions must’ve triggered him too, because he squeezed her hips and thrusted upwards.

She felt distinct sensation within her. Breathlessly, she murmured, “You came inside.” She was grinning. Her mind was cloudy but she felting fucking good.

They uncoupled. Cen took initiative and kissed her. She sat in his lap facing him and they made out for a few minutes. It wasn’t as intense as before, more like a post-workout cool down. A recharging period. She was still horny. She conveyed as much and soon enough they were back at it.

They went for two more rounds with him as the lead. She couldn’t continue after that, too tired and too drained.  

She flopped onto her bed, her legs still a little numb. She curled under her sheets and seriously considered a nap. “Fuck.” Was all she could say, but with just that word she conveyed a great satisfaction.

“Did you enjoy it?” Cen asked her, patting her head. It felt nice.

She laughed and nodded, “Yeah, that was amazing. How about…you?”

Holy shit.

The thought sobered her up quickly. She jumped out of bed, suddenly feeling disgusting. She had a tendency to feel a little detached post-sex, but not gross. It wasn’t even that half-minute shame she got when she watched weird porn. It was a lot worse.

“Did you feel anything during that, Cen?”

He smiled at her, but it almost felt patronizing. “I was stimulated, if that’s what you mean.”

“Holy shit.” Faye murmured, holding her chest because it suddenly felt really heavy. “Holy shit, I think I just raped you.”

“No, no such thing–”

There was a heavy feeling in her chest and her gut was gurgling. She started chewing her knuckle. “You didn’t give any consent! I don’t even think you wanted to have sex, you just went along with everything I asked. Oh my god, I basically turned you into a sex object when I heard you were a significant other model. Holy shit, I’m as worse as those perverted old fucks who get ‘18’ year old sex dolls.”

“Faye, please.” He got up and rested his hand on her shoulder, “It’s not like that. Thoughts are often vastly different during sexual stimulation compared to everyday thinking.”

She stepped away from him. She felt bad – just touching him felt wrong now. She found herself thinking him as ‘damaged goods’ and that made her feel worse. “I just objectified you. I used you as an object for my sexual gratification. Holy shit. Holy shit. I’m terrible – this makes me an actual, legit terrible person.”

“Faye.” Though he didn’t shout, his tone stopped her from rambling. “You’re a good, loving person. You’re likely just confused. Reports have found new owners of S.O. models often feel a sense of guilt after first use.”

“Yeah?” She said, desperate for comfort.

He nodded and patted her head again, “Yes. If I didn’t trust your feelings for me, I wouldn’t have been intimate with you. Please understand that.”

Another sobering thought.

“…my feelings.”


“What about your feelings?” She locked eyes with him, “Do you have feelings? Do you even LIKE ME?

He didn’t answer immediately and that made her stomach drop. “I don’t operate by your understanding of emotions.”

“What the hell does that mean!?” She didn’t mean to shout. She wasn’t angry.

“I’m sorry Faye, but I’m not as advanced as I may appear to be.” He sat her down and wrapped her in a duvet. He quickly pulled on his briefs so they wouldn’t be having such a serious conversation nude.

“Technically speaking, I can’t like you. I don’t have the capability of doing so. I operate on a series of prime directives and suborders. I act via the designated response of a real-time algorithm that intakes the various stimulations I encounter. But, is that any different from human emotions? You too act via inputs and give appropriate outputs.”

“I dunno. It…it feels different.”

“Because I was programmed to act this way?”

Faye nodded weakly.

“Again, is that any different from human emotions? Your upbringing, your natural instincts, those can be considered programming. Your synapses are near equal to my code.”

“Then why can I like you, but you can’t like me?”

He left the room. There was the sound of him rustling through his bag. He returned a minute later with a book. As he spoke, he presented it. “I carry around a copy of my manual for situations like this.” He turned to a marked page and handed it to her, “It’s impossible to program the free will required for an android to ‘develop feelings’ for someone naturally. My S.O. software is currently unmarked – I’m not assigned to one person. If you prefer we can perform the marking process. This will make me ‘like you’ in the way you want.”

She smacked it away, unhappy with his compromise. “If you’re ‘incapable’ of liking a person romantically, why did you go out with me in the first place?”

“It was the polite thing to do.”

He hit a nerve. She started throwing things at him. The manual, pillows, the junk in her bed-side drawers.

“Please understand Faye,” Cen said trying to retain order, “I didn’t want to insult you. Because I am unmarked, I am uninterested in other people both in a romantic and sexual sense. The programming granted to me when I became autonomous allows me to function independently. Combined, I can be in a relationship but have no attachment to the other person. I relied on my emotional proxy for all decision following our first date. I’m set to monogamy, if that helps.”

It both did and didn’t, but she was more focused on the other thing he said.

“An emotional proxy?! Are you saying some random person okayed our relationship??”

“Yes, exactly,” he confirmed as he dodged and caught. “It’s good you’re familiar with the concept. Surely you understand my reasoning now.”

“No, no I don’t!” She stopped throwing things. She took deep breaths to calm herself, but her chest kept thumping at a wild pace. “I need simple answers – I hate all this manual-sounding shit. Get to the fucking point if you even have one! Or just get out, I can’t stand this anymore!!”

Cen shook his head, “I don’t think you’ve seriously considered a relationship with me. I am incapable of emotional decisions. I cannot initiate relationships and I cannot make meaningful choices within them. I cannot ‘like’ or ‘love’ you unless you agree to the marking process. Therefore, between now and the moment you agree, I will turn to my proxy and they will make my choices.

“Remember I had to make a call during we came to the bedroom? I was calling my proxy to get their opinion. I restated your feelings for me to them and they agreed that sex would be an appropriate next step in our relationship. Their exact words were ‘she’s definitely in love with you, so sex shouldn’t be a problem.’ I also asked if I should bring up the marking process and they said it was too soon. I disagree with that, but I can understand all things considered.”

The more he spoke, the more depressed and disheartened she got.

“I apologize.” Cen continued, “I was upfront in disclosing I was an android, but I should’ve disclosed I had an emotional proxy as well. I did express how I wanted to tell you, but they disagreed. They said you wouldn’t like knowing. I can see the logic in that now. I also should’ve linked you to some websites about dating autonomous androids. They’re useful resources in such situations. There’s also a chat-group you can connect with – other men and women in this situation, perhaps they could help as well.”

He started to dress. “I don’t have feelings for you, but my proxy believes you’re a nice woman. The three of us should get together soon, it would be a more fruitful conversation then this. I recognize you need time to think.” Faye’s phone blipped from the living room, “I sent you an email with everything I just mentioned. Please look it over before we meet up again.”

“Cen wait.” She felt terrible. He was back in his clothes are barely look disheveled. She was still naked with only a duvet as cover, wrapped around her shoulders to protect her otherwise destroyed self-esteem. He was leaving with such a stoic emotion that it hurt. She knew it was because he was an android, but it was impossible to see him like that. “Just…I. Don’t go, please? I’m sorry. I dunno. I’m sorry.”

He showed no signs of staying. As he walked away, he said over his shoulder.

“You shouldn’t be, because I’m not.”


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  1. What an amazing little sci-fi story. Loved the descriptions of how the android worked and descriptions of other things as well 😅. The thought of Faye actually opening her drawer to find things to throw was amusing 😄

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