My Scrapbook of Japan | Page 3


Since November 3rd and 4th were quiet days with little paper trail; I had to combine the two.

November 3rd has receipts from my breakfast at the Osaka bus station and UNIQLO. There’s also the tag to the pants I bought. I added the Lawson receipt because I found the Rilakkuma part cute.

November 4th displays the fortune I got from the shrine near Jessica’s house, scraps relating to the JR Rail Pass from it’s brochure, and the receipt from the conveyor belt sushi restaurant. I had written that I had 5 to 7 plates before I had made this page. I couldn’t remember correctly, so I’m glad to know I was basically right – I had 6 plates and a drink.

Because I had so little to scrap, I added a lot of text pieces, explaining the contents of the page. I think this is smart in the long run, since it would be difficult to infer the meaning of some of this stuff without content. I mean, it’s basically a page of receipts lolol.

I think I’ll shop around for some arrow stickers, to help explain what text boxes go with what.


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