Manga Spotlight Week: Give This Industry A Chance

Manga Spotlight Week: Yotsuba&! | MSW: Kakegurui | MSW: Wizard’s Soul ~Holy War of Love~ | MSW: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure | MSW: Devil’s Line |MSW: Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu | MSW: Mousou Telepathy |MSW: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni 

I know for a fact that anime/manga has a huge bias around it.

I know because I rarely mention I’m an anime/manga fan when I first meet someone. Hell, I probably won’t mention it until I’m very comfortable around them or they show a similar interest. It’s not a good ice-breaker. Maybe back in 2013 when Attack on Titan was wooing all the normies, but not anymore.

Which is a real shame.

Manga is a medium that, similar to comic books and graphic novels here in the West, allows a creator to produce a story that would be cheapened by words alone. I mean, I love a good novel, but read a series like One Piece or My Hero Academia and try to translate them into a book.

It just wouldn’t work.

I was drawn to manga because the stories found there are so different from those produced in the west, it was like discovering a whole new universe. It completely changed my imagination and my own story telling.

Thus, it’s unfortunate so many book-lovers will turn up their noses at manga. Yes, there’s a larger than necessary amount of lolis, harems, terrible high-school battle series, and general crap that somehow made it big (looking at you Fairy Tail), but there’s still piles upon piles of gold.

One Piece has over 800 chapters of the best world-building, character development, and adventure story telling ever. EVER. It can never be surpassed.

20 years it’s been going. There’s a reason.

Sailor Moon sparked something in a generation of kids all over the world. It’s manga has beautiful visuals that a lot of people likely don’t know about.



More recent series, like Dr. Stone or The Promised Neverland are demonstrating that there are still original stories waiting to be told and new interpretations of established character types.

dr stone
Many consider Dr. Stone the best to emerge out of 6 newly introduced Weekly Shonun Jump series

Over the course of seven days, I’m going to try and convince my fellow WordPress bloggers that there are amazing stories out there waiting for them. We’ll cover big and small, popular and unknown, spanning genres from comedy to horror.

(For fairness sake, I’ll include tropes/triggers at the beginning of the review as to not shock anyone who does try a series I recommend.)

If you know any series you’d like me to read, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for something new.


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