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Manga Spotlight Week: Devil’s Line

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  • Alternative Titles: N/A
  • MAL: Devil’s Line
  • Triggers: Violence, blood, sexual assault, nudity, stalking, death

The chemistry and dynamics between [the protagonists] are the stuff fanfiction is built on.

This is a strange recommendation because it’s a dark story but with intriguing characters/character developments.

Devil’s Line is a centering around Anzai and Tsukasa, vampire and human respectively. Anzai is apart of a special police force that deals strictly with vampires. The two meet chapter one due to Tsukasa’s then boyfriend being a vampire.

Anzai and Tsukasa soon develop feelings for each other, but they’re both conflicted because a normal, safe relationship between a human and vampire is impossible; the arousal of sexual intercourse would be too stimulating for a vampire and would lead to them killing their human partner.

I gotta be honest; Devil’s Line does not have great art. There are times where it’s good, but it’s hardly consistent and sits just below the industry average. It works in favor of the plot, since the plot always has this tiny sense of ‘something’s off,’ but it’s choppy.

Good Art
So So Art

I’ll be honest again; it’s not super easy to follow. There’s a lot of unorganized text bubbles, so it’s hard to know who’s talking. There are multiple in-between chapter time skips. Names are hard to remember because of poor character introduction. etc etc.

I’ll be honest a third time; I have a bias for Anzai. Strangely I really like male characters who have constant crows-nest eyes. I can’t say I’d like that in a person IRL, because I’d be concerned about their health, but manga boys always be doing it nicely (b^ー゚)

All that said, I like Devil’s Line. The chemistry and dynamics between Anzai and Tsukasa is the stuff fanfiction is built on. I just want them to be together SO MUCH but that damn vampire blood lust is the biggest cock-blocker.

It’s not a manga for everyone. There’s a lot of blood – it’s a rather violent story – but not a lot of gore. Tsukasa gets hurt a lot which readers could find uncomfortable; and Anzai is stimulated because of this (bc blood) and he sometimes forcefully kisses her so that could really make readers uncomfortable. Tsukasa gets assaulted three+ times so that’s certainly troubling.

But I like it and I want more people to read it. It’s a fresh take on vampires that I previously thought was an industry sucked dry.

  • Best for those who like: mature stories, star-crossed lovers, cop thrillers, abnormal romance, realistic (if darker) depiction of reality
  • Worst for those who dislike: any of the triggers listed above, damsel in distress, abusive relationships, low-quality art

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