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Manga Spotlight Week: Mousou Telepathy

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  • Alternative Titles: Delusional Telepathy
  • MAL: Mousou Telepathy
  • Tropes: high school setting, misunderstandings, kuudere, popular male lead, mean girls bullying MC

[Mousou Telepathy] manages its drama and comedy well. A rather serious moment can sneak in some humor without cheapening it.

Mousou Telepathy is a unique manga compared to the others I’ve thus far recommended because it is a daily-release manga.

I’m sure there are many more out there, but currently the top two daily release manga available in English are Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! And Mousou Telepathy. Every day, a page is posted by the author and when enough pages are accumulated the series is turned into a volume and sold in stores.

The two are very similar: romcom 4Koma gag comics. I read both, but (like many others) I’ve come to enjoy Mousou much, much more than Tomo. This is due to two reasons: Mousou has yet to experience a hiatus, and Mousou has actual character development.

It tells the story of Nakano-san, a high school girl who can read minds. She’s rather shy however, so she doesn’t use it for nefarious reasons. Her biggest problem is that a boy in her class, Toda-kun, has a huge crush on her and she can hear all his fantasies. Thus the series is slice-of-life while Nakano-san tries to navigate Toda-kun’s feelings without revealing that she can read his mind.

0001 copy
Translation credit to Helvetica Scans

It’s a cute series. Toda is typically stone-face, so his thoughts are a stark contrast to his. Nakano is easy to read, so she has a hard time hiding her blushes from Toda thoughts.

It manages its drama and comedy well. A rather serious moment can sneak in some humour without cheapening it. Likewise, the pacing is fantastic for daily release. Characters learn things, retain them, and change as the story moves forward. Insane!

Mousou is wholesome. I think everyone can get into it because it’s so relatable. Who hasn’t thought about telepathy powers?

  • Best for those who like: lighthearted comedy, romcoms, on-point reaction faces, high school romance, slice of life, character development, romantic development
  • Worst for those who dislike: Miscommunication between characters, lewd comedy, 4koma style comedy, somewhat obsessive thoughts, annoying side characters

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