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Manga Spotlight Week: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

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It’s a story that I can appreciate due to it’s unusual romantic leads … It’s rare to see such a huge age gap where the male is so ‘plain.’

I think it’s appropriate for any girl (or guy) to enjoy a good shoujo manga (that’s manga marketed towards girls, who those not in the know).

It’s not just about romance or coming-of-age, it’s about a character driven story and atmosphere. I like shounen and action as much as the next person, but I can always enjoy beautiful art about a realistic relationship.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni follows Akiba Tachibana, a high school girl working part-time at a restaurant because of an injury that forced her to quit the track team. At her job, she falls in love with her 45-year old manager who, obviously, is very hesitant to broach the subject.

It’s a story that I can appreciate due to it’s unusual romantic leads. Shoujo’s typically have pretty boys as their love interest – be he an older high school boy, a young teacher, an older coworker, a childhood friend, sometimes a younger boy, etc etc. It’s rare to see such a huge age gap where the male is so ‘plain.’

Those eyes man. World’s apart.


Better yet the Manager, Kondou, isn’t a pervert like you’d see in more “mature” manga (*cough* doujinshi, hentai *cough cough*).

Rather, Kondou doesn’t want to risk the trouble of Tachibana’s crush. There’s a huge bias against them and he could get in trouble since he’s her boss.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni has beautiful art that I believe is worth mentioning. It’s a very atmosphere based story, so there will be chapters with less dialogue and more profile shots of characters looking longingly. When it transitions to anime, I hope that the art stays at it’s current level.

There’s a lot of this in the manga.

As the chapters continue, Tachibana and Kondou slowly get somewhat closer. Unlike many shoujo, there’s actual romantic developments! I won’t spoil anything, since there’s supposedly an anime in the works, but it’s appropriate and wholesome.

Is it crazy I want a 17(??) year old high school girl and a 45-year old balding man to have a happy ending? I’m not so delusional that I except them to get together (I have a horrible feeling that won’t happen), but I just don’t want anyone hurt.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni is a story for anyone who wants a more realistic romance. I mean, I doubt there are a lot of 45-year old single men who wouldn’t be total pervs around a 17-year old girl who’s interested in them – but I’m choosing to believe this is a story that could happen in real life. Just two lonely people who see something in each other, regardless of their age, that slowly blossoms into love.

  • Best for those who like: Romance, slice of life, unusual age dynamics, workplace settings, wholesome love
  • Worst for those who dislike: age gaps, slow pacing, atmosphere-based story telling, kuudere main characters

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