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Manga Spotlight Week: Seriously, Please Give this Industry A Chance

Manga – it has a bad rap. Anime too but that’s not what I’m focusing on here.

Based on my ROI, it’s clear I alone can’t sway the WordPress community into picking up a Japanese graphic-novel series. Unfortunate, because they’re really missing out.

Manga Spotlight Week covered three comedies, three thrillers, five slice-of-lives, four romances, a couple horrors, a shounen, and more. Everyone listed I put my recommendation behind, be it for the art, the story, or the characters.

I like manga because it exposes me to different story telling. I’m absolutely certain reading so much of it growing up has drastically shaped my own writing. Which is important for every writer trying to diversify their work! Sure you can read shelves upon shelves of mysteries and make one that passes the test, but it’s different takes on a tired genre that creates best sellers.

What is it that stops an avid book reader from trying Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or Devil’s Line? Is it the concept of manga? That it’s a series of volumes versus a single novel or a quick trilogy? I can understand; One Piece has been published weekly for 20 years, that’s a hell of an investment. Though, is it any different than waiting for the next George RR Martin book?

It can’t possibly be the art that’s stopping people.

Is it the bias? Are people so hesitant to pick up Mousou Telepathy in fear that they’ll be mocked my others or have terrible assumptions cast onto them? Sure, I can admit I don’t like being in the same group of weebs that make you cringe when you see convention videos. But every group has their black sheep, it shouldn’t stop a newcomer from enjoying the medium.

I’ll admit, the over-sexualization of women is tiring, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying unique stories.

Is it simply not knowing? Is it a hesitation to pierce an industry so vast and unknown that keeps newbies away?

If so, I hope this week has proven that manga is accessible to everyone. I hope that someone, somewhere, is willing to trying a manga series.

Manga Spotlight Week Intro

Manga Spotlight Week: Yotsuba&! | MSW: Kakegurui | MSW: Wizard’s Soul ~Holy War of Love~ | MSW: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure | MSW: Devil’s Line |MSW: Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu | MSW: Mousou Telepathy |MSW: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni 


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