Another letter to a friend

What I like about letter writing, besides the intimacy of it, is that I’m helping a dying economy – as small as that contribution may be. 

Mail isn’t really a “thing” anymore. Most bills can be delivered via email and even junk mail coupons can be found online. We mostly use the postage system for packages – which I’m not against since I think the post office is an important government organization. 

I like buying stamps. Recently I got a 10 pack of famous Canadian photographs. It’s a nice touch to the classy blue envelope I have (the photos are black and white). I can understand the appeal of stamp collecting. 

I like supporting a local stationary shop. It’s fun browsing fancy paper and envelopes to use. I’m always on the lookout for cute stickers. I’ve been thinking about buying a new wax seal – to mix things up. 

There are a lot of reasons to start a letter writing hobby. That warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a niche economy is just one of them. 


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